Stephanie Urbina Jones and Jeremy Pajer  are the founders of Freedom Folk and Soul, a congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. They are committed to guiding folks on their journey of self discovery, healing and  transformation. Empowering those who seek to live a life of passion, purpose and personal freedom

Stephanie and Jeremy have spent over 40 years in combined pursuit of their personal freedom . Each of them studied, prayed, walked, talked , worked and turned over stones in the road and in their hearts to heal and create a life of humility, passion and purpose. Having personally experienced the spiral path and journey of continuous transformation they were called to give back what they had been given and share their experience, strength and hope with other souls on the path of wellness and higher consciousness. They feel called to be compassionate stewards, witnesses and teachers supporting others with a desire to heal and find their own passion, purpose and transformation on their chosen life path. In all their years of healing, these modalities and tools have become some of the most powerful for healing and spiritual growth. Both Jeremy and Stephanie are honored and called to share these  powerful healing ways and journeys of transformation with the world.

Stephanie Urbina Jones

Co- Founder & Artist of Life

       Singer, teacher, writer, sister, friend, mother, wife, and lover of life; Stephanie Urbina Jones brings her passion, and experience in living  a life of creative freedom to people all over the world. Jones has a passion for transformation and is a living example of not only dreaming but bringing those dreams to life.

        Whether she is writing a song, producing a festival, performing,  or hanging with friends, Stephanie is following her heart and chiseling out her soul!  Jones was the creative director of  'The Voices From Afar, who toured with Dr. Patrick Carnes, sharing experience, strength and hope through songs all over the country. In the past  few years, Jones has touched audiences around the world, across the US, Mexico, Europe and Japan. She has played the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival and the Freedom Folk and Soul Fest near her home in Nashville, TN; as well as writing the theme songs for the  The Made in America Movement and the international organization Vital Voices, empowering women all over the world. In the healing arts world, she is known as "Shaman Heart", a toltec dreamer, singer, teacher , shamanic minister, and master breathwork facilitator. 

Jeremy Pajer

Co-Founder and Personal Freedom Coach

  Jeremy is currently on sabbatical and is expected to return in Jan. 2019


      Jeremy Pajer is truly a master of transformation and leader in the field of  personal freedom. He is a certified chemical dependency counselor, challenge and ropes course facilitator, and fire walking instructor. He shares his wisdom, creativity, and playfulness as a teacher and personal freedom coach. Jeremy brings his love and knowledge of Native American ceremony, Toltec wisdom, 12 step traditions, and shamanic practices to the community by pouring sweat lodges, teaching workshops, and running spiritual creativity groups.


        He has dedicated his life to spiritual growth and the healing arts. For the last twelve years he has worked and taught in the recovery field.   He co-founded and worked as the COO for Integrative Life Center in Nashville. Most recently he was certified as a Shamanic Minister and Master Breathwork Facilitator.

In addition, Jeremy founded and developed a spiritual retreat center called Laughing Winds, and the Freedom Folk and Soul Fest. 


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Photos by Teri Pugh

Freedom Folk and Soul is a Congregation of Venus Rising Association of Transformation