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Monthly Adventures

Toltec Medicine Wheel of Transformation

A Shamanic Journey of Personal Freedom 

There is no coincidence that you have been called to this moment in time. This moment when these inspired words were no doubt written with you in mind. Welcome to the Medicine Wheel of Transformation - A Shamanic Journey of Personal Freedom. Surely, you must be here because you are at a crossroads of some kind. Maybe some part of you, like a snake that knows it times to shed its skin, is ready to shed yours and become more of who you were born to be? Maybe it’s the pain of a divorce, an illness, a change in jobs or an ache from a break in your heart that brought you here? Whatever is welcome. Oftentimes, the breakdown that makes us feel like we are going to die is actually an invitation to be reborn. Sometimes this is what it takes to become willing to surrender and eventually break through to the you who you were born to be.  We at Freedom, Folk and Soul have lived and been to many crossroads of life, death and rebirth. We are honored to hold witness and wisdom, and to create experiences and safe circles for you to step through and leave that which no longer serves you behind on this journey of conscious transformation. This excavation process is like chiseling our your soul. It is not always easy but it is always worth it.  The more we dive and surrender to the great mystery, the more we can heal and create the masterpiece of our life. Over the next year, we will take the Toltec Initiate’s Journey through the medicine wheel of our lives and surrender it all. We will be like the caterpillar in the chrysalis, breaking through to become the butterfly we were born to be.

If you are ready to change your life, heal your hurt, and turn your wounds into your medicine, you are at the right place. We are humbly grateful to hold this sacred container for those who are standing at the crossroads of their lives. Over one year, we will dive deep into and through the seven directions on this map of transformation. Through sacred initiations, Toltec teachings and ceremony, Native American sweat lodges, breathwork and vision quests, we will recover and bring home those pieces of our soul we had to leave behind. From that place of more wholeness, we will hear the calling of our heart’s desire and step into our soul purpose. This training is designed to take you through the Medicine Wheel of Your Life. Seven directions, seven initiations in one year.  We will step through the rites of passage and consciously grow through old wounds to healing wholeness, connection and communion with Great Mystery.

Transformational Journeys to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

Additional Journeys to Oaxaca, Mexico/ San Miguel de Allende, Mexico/ The Caves of Mary Magdaelene in the South of France & More

We are Available for Customized Transformational Journeys for your Group or Family

Shamanic Breathwork


Shamanic Breathwork
Spiritually journey in the same way as the Toltec shamans by entraining to the rhythms of drums, rattles, and music by using the breath. Much like traveling to sacred places this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness and awaken the shaman within. Breathwork can also be used to resolve traumas and shapeshift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them and into our wild creative hearts.

This is a highly experiential and transformative process that inspires individuals to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large.  Wisdom and healing comes from each individual’s inner experience. Shamanic Breathwork™ honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the emerging new paradigm methods of healing and teaching. It functions as a bridge between these two worlds honoring the best of both worlds while creating a bridge for body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Drum Making

The drum is a part of native heritage from tribal cultures all over the world. This single sided shaman drum is a traditional native drum crafted using a wooden hoop or frame and a stretched rawhide head and lacing. Covered on only one side, the back is laced to form the symbol of a medicine wheel with the four cardinal directions that also serve as a hand hold. Great for drumming circles and meditation! In this workshop you will be supplied everything you need to create your own frame drum and accompanying beater. While you are making your creations we will teach you the care for  your drum, as well as how to use them in healing and cleansing ceremonies. We will begin with a Drum Journey to connect to the Heartbeat of the Drum, and then start the process of creating our drums and beaters.   The drum face can later be painted with your Animal Totem or designs. You can also personalize the drum with beads and feathers to strengthen the connection with your drum.

Freedom Firewalk

Toltec Transcendecnce Weekend

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