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Our Mission Statement


Freedom  Folk and Soul is a spiritual organization that was divinely inspired by Jeremy Pajer and Stephanie Jones.  It is a collective dream of the hearts and lives that both Jeremy and Stephanie have lived and want to live. They bring their love of personal freedom,  healing, music, play, adventure, indigenous culture, individual spiritual counseling, community and connection to all of  life to Freedom Folk and Soul.  


Our Vision 

The vision of Freedom Folk and Soul is to embody its name as a spiritual organization.  Overall it is our intention to guide people on their spiritual journey of self discovery and self healing. We are the support that is needed as one walks their own path of transformation and begins to recognize their own divinity.  In our name, “Freedom” stands for the deep personal work of breaking free from  all the wounding that occurs in our life. From this wounding we make many agreements and develop complex behaviors that help us explain and survive in the world. Personal freedom is about healing this deep wounding and learning to recognize how this affects our everyday life. Once we can see the programming that we have developed we can then begin to change it and start to create a life that we choose.  Freedom is about no longer being run by a belief system of limitation and unworthiness and recognizing that we are divine spiritual and powerful beings. It is about waking up and not being in constant reaction and in a constant state of survival.  Our intention as an organization is to hold the container for people and provide the opportunity for them to heal the wounds they carry, to wake up and no longer believe the limiting self deprecating stories and beliefs about themselves and the world.  Freedom is about seeing the magic, wonder and absolute unlimited potential that we all are and saying yes to weaving a masterpiece of our lives.

       The "Folk" in our name is about returning to the richness of culture, creativity, community and art.  We have moved so far away from the richness and power of our authentic expression.  Our intention is to help people return to and experience the indigenous ceremonies and mythologies that help us to awaken missing parts of ourselves.  To return to the elements and embrace the earth energies as the ones that have come before us did for thousands of years bringing us back into balance with life . We want to invite people to remember their ancestry and the culture that makes life more fulfilling and purposeful. To support and encourage people to rediscover and embrace a path that speaks to their heart.  For thousands of years we lived in community and we have grown into a do it yourself culture. Many of us come from broken families or have felt alone our whole lives. Our intent is to be the tribe and healthy family for people to remember they are not alone and that they are supported as they walk this path of  life. The nurturing and safe container that community provides allows us to spread our wings and become the powerful presence we were born to be.  It reminds us that if we fall we will be caught and we then will become more willing to take those risks that ultimately help us to grow as individuals and as a collective tribe.  “Folk” also includes the magic of creativity and art.  We have suppressed our creativity  in so many ways  that  most of us are so full of judgment , making  it impossible for us to express our art  and joy in the world. Our goal is to help people discover what their  unique expression is,  whether it is painting, music, building, teaching, cooking and so etc.  We are inherently creative beings . Our  life force is creative energy and when we don’t express it, it becomes toxic in the body, mind and spirit. Our intent is to help people move through the blocks that stop  them from expressing themselves  and being  the creative, powerful beings they are.  We believe that everyone has an art to express in the world and when they do not it is a great loss to humanity. 

     “ Soul”  The soul runs through it all. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We believe that we are divine, creative beings connected to the source in which all things came to and will return.   We believe we are eternal and we choose to come to the planet, to have a human experience. The human experience is all of it, the good, the bad, the light,  the dark, the joy , the pain, the  triumph and the tragedy. Our biggest intent as an organization is to help people remember that there is no separation and that we are divine beings having this experience called life. We hope to help people see that their pain, wounding, heartbreaks, joy, love, etc can become their greatest gift and medicine to share with the world.  We will hold the space so that people can discover what their souls purpose is and  encourage them to express it in their own unique way.  The “soul” part is about remembering who we really are, our deepest connection to self and the most beautiful expression of our divine presence in this life. 


      Freedom Folk and Soul is not here to change the world, it is here to change our world. By taking personal responsibility of our lives and healing ourselves, we will naturally  become more conscious,  kinder beings who recognize that each and every person regardless of who they are is a reflection and part of us. We will more fully  understand that “ WE ARE ONE” and  connected to all of life.  We will treat the world better because we will see that it is what sustains, supports, nourishes and nurtures us.  If we can learn to love ourselves, be present with life, and remember our divinity we will see that there is no separation and then ultimately begin to change the world. 

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