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Join co-founders  and master facilitators of Freedom Folk and Soul Jeremy Pajer and Stephanie Urbina Jones along with Interfaith/Shamanic Minister Annie Mark for this experiential ministerial training. 


Over four weekends journey and learn how to perform the  most meaningful  and sacred cermonies in life. This hands on intensive training will give you real life experience and a map of how to honor and perform rites of passages including weddings, funerals ,baptisms, baby blessings, baby naming, coming of age ceremonies, shamanic initiations and more. Learn how to meet and minister to families during these holy and tender times, honoring differences and the unexpected moments in between. 

In these experiential and interactive trainings you will gather tools of wisdom and actual ceremonies to add to your toolbox as we support you to step humbly yet empowered into your ministry of the heart.



Completion of All Four Weekends Includes: 

Freedom Folk and Soul Healing Arts Ministerial Training And Ceremony Certification 


Program is Available in Person or Online with Safety Protocols in Place 


Cost of Program: 

$2499 Suggested Donation

$400 Non Refundable Deposit Holds Your Spot 


Lodging is Available 


April 9-11 , 2021

Weddings & Sacred Union Ceremonies


June 4-6 , 2021 

Funerals-Honoring of Life in Death


September 17-19, 2021 

Sacred Life Passages 

( Birth/ Baptism/ Baby Blessings/ Coming of Age, Maiden, Mother, Crone Ceremonies, House Blessings)


November 19-21, 2021 

Sacred Ritual & 

Shamanic Inititations


Each wekeend will begin Friday at  6pm and end by  Sunday at 6 pm. A gathering via zoom will be required each Wednesday pm prior to each weekend from 730-930 CT. 


There will be an additional Ministry Counseling & Support Call Via Zoom Between Each Weekend 


About Us: 

Annie Mark is an Interfaith Minister and Shamanic Minister. After attending seminary in NYC and being ordained in 2002, Annie has been involved in all aspects of ministry including planning, creating and officiating many ceremonies.

Annie assists and walks with people through all phases and stages of life from birth to death, including weddings, baby blessings,baptisms,

funerals, memorial services and more. With a wealth of experience and training in many of the worlds spiritual traditions, Annie brings her heartfelt reverence and expertise to each and every ceremony honoring all of lifes passages.


Jeremy Pajer and Stephanie Urbina Jones, co-founders of Freedom Folk and Soul, have spent over  40 years in combined pursuit of their faith and personal freedom . Each of them studied, prayed, walked, talked , worked and turned over stones in the road and in their hearts to heal and create a life of humility, passion and purpose. Having personally experienced the spiral path and journey of continuous transformation they were called to give back what they had been given and share their experience, strength and hope with other souls on the path of wellness and higher consciousness.  They feel called to be compassionate stewards, witnesses and teachers supporting others with a desire to heal and find their own passion, purpose and transformation on their chosen life path. In all their years of healing, these modalities and tools have become some of the most powerful for healing and spiritual growth. Both Jeremy and Stephanie are honored and called to share this healing arts ministerial training in order to support others as they step into their own leadership, medicine and ministry .


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